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Why Only Women Artists?

With every discussion of my work I get the question, “Why are you only including women artists? How will my children ever learn about the important male artists?” My answer, “How else will they ever learn about women artists?”

Do a quick google search and you will find quite a few art history or art appreciation curriculums. The majority include no women, a few include only Frida Kahlo, and one includes both Frida Kahlo and Mary Cassat. Those few that include one or two women still spend the majority of their lessons on men, usually all white European men at that. So while the male artists are valuable to study, there is no

dearth of opportunities and materials with which to study them.

We are exposed to the work of ‘The Greats’ at every turn; whether in advertising, pop culture, books, videos, or museums. Women artists on the other hand are almost entirely absent, despite often being extremely skilled pioneers of their art movements. My books and this blog will work to fill those gaps.

Each week I will share a contemporary woman artist who works in the mediums mentioned in my books and a project to bring it to life for your children. Check back next week for tips on Bringing Children to Art.

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