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The Watercolors of Hellen Orellana

My name is Hellen, I was born in Lima - Peru on February 27, 1986, I have spent part of my life living in Spain and I currently reside in Switzerland. Since my adolescence I have been attracted to art but not until a few years ago have I managed to fulfill my dream of making my own designs.

Since 2017 I started using one of the most complex techniques, watercolor. With dedication and patience I have managed to create a style of my own that has been nurtured by renowned artists such as Johann Knapp, Vincent Van Gogh, Albrecht Dürer and other artists and styles that I have been fortunate to admire in various museums in Europe. I can do work in the field of portraiture, caricature, but above all in the creation of characters and creative ideas that connect you with nature. I consider myself a person with a desire to improve, creative and wanting better day by day.

All started as a hobby but in recent years I set out to reach a professional level.

The greatest influence I have is nature in harmony with the universe.

From my childhood I had the influence of my father in drawing, that helped me create a certain curiosity to learn more about it.

A very curious fact about the influence of art in my childhood is that one of my art teachers who was always very strict told me that because I did not stain my hands when I painted, that artists always stained with paint but I did not hahahaha.

My favorite artist is Johann Knapp, an Austrian watercolorist who also excelled in Oil painting.

Art has a positive impact on my life, relaxation and empathy with nature are favorable points that help me grow as a person.

When I make a mistake, I evaluate the mistakes to learn from them.

Find more of Hellen's art on Facebook, and Instagram.

All of the above images are copyright Hellen Orellana and shared here with permission.

Try it yourself

Paint Sunflowers with Birgit OConnor Watercolors

You will need:

  • watercolor paper

  • watercolor paints (a Crayola pallet is fine, just drip some water onto the paints before you start and let them soak for a few minutes)

  • brushes (the ones that come in the paint pallet are not good and will drop hairs in the paint, but you don't need expensive brushes)

  • cup or jar of clean water

  • towel or paper towel to blot your brush

  • small spray bottle filled with water

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