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The Soft Sculpted Dolls of Natasha Kanzler

Q. How did you get started in your medium?

A. I wished to study something completely new for when my kids started school and I had a half-day for my own. I made a few fabric dolls and a short while later, I got my first order to make a companion doll with a removable wig for a girl who started chemotherapy and lost her hair.

Q. What is the biggest influence on your art?

A. Understanding that dollmaking it is not only a satisfying and enjoyable process for me but also that by sharing the dolls I share love and comfort with other people. For some, the presence of a warmly made doll is the best antistress supplement product.

Q. Did art play a role in your childhood? (Were you exposed to artists, did you enjoy making art)

A. Oh, yes! When I was 9 years old I attended an art school, where we did a lot of sculpture, drawing, painting, Plein air and visiting museums and exhibitions during school holidays. Most of my friends are artists.

Q. Who is your favorite artist?

A. My current favorite artist is illustrator Quentin Blake. I see so much life and magic in his lines! I love his humor and the ease in his illustrations! It is such a talent to create the whole scene with a few lines!

Q. How does art impact your life?

A. Creating dolls makes me happy, I meet so many beautiful people, get tons of kind words from my customers and it inspires me to create more.

Q. Can/do you make a living from your creations?

A. Or do you have to supplement your income? Luckily, I don't need to make living from my creations. It's my job to enjoy dolls, they are my soul song. In fact, the more I earn, the more I spend improving the process. I have a lot of new ideas for the next year and hope to realize most of them.

Find more of Natasha's work on Facebook and Etsy.

All of the above images are copyright Natasha Kanzler and shared here with permission.

Try it Yourself

Make a Tiny Soft Sculpted Sock Doll with Hobi Dünyası Merrydolls.

You will need:

1 colorful baby sock

1 solid color sock (for face)



2 small black beads


Hot glue (optional)

Blush (optional)

Red marker (optional)

Pom pom (optional)

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