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A Gallery of Our Own: Women of Art History seeks to balance art history and art appreciation by teaching the artistic contributions of women. This series will teach about the artists, the art movements they were a part of, the history during the time period in which they lived, and the forms of art they created. It also includes hands-on projects using a variety of mediums and techniques, observation activities and a journal to keep track of what you learn.


Learn through:

  • Digestible texts interspersed with colorful illustrations and video links

  • Observing and interacting with artwork

  • Hands on art projects offered at a variety of levels

  • Notebooking pages to organize, reinforce, and review their new knowledge

  • Suggested resources for deeper exploration

Check out the Women Artist Coloring Books in the menu above for a great tie in.


In this volume, learn about:

  • Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s early life, education, art career, Dada, and the world events that surrounded her life

  • Weaving, collage, embroidery, puppets and puppetry, found object and readymade art

  • Art vocabulary

Upcoming artists include:

  • Zaida Ben-Yusuf- a late 19th Century to early 20th Century New York photographer

  • Guan Daosheng- a 13th Century Chinese painter and calligrapher

  • Anita Malfatti- an early 20th Century Brazilian painter

  • Edmonia Lewis- a late 19th Century Black and Native American sculptor


In this volume, learn about:

  • Harriet Power’s life, art career, and the world events that surrounded her life

  • Quilting

  • Art vocabulary


The Artist Study Journal is designed for all ages, to help students gain a thorough understanding of an artist. It is perfect for Charlotte Mason Picture Study, art courses, or home school. With room for 12 artists, 8 pages for each, you can choose who you want to study. Journal about the artist’s life and work and learn to recognize their art.

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